Horizon Innovations- Congrats Joey Lasala

30 12 2016

joe-lasala-horizon-innovationsAt Horizon Innovations, we are an innovative marketing firm that embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and empowering its people in their career development. As part of that process, the Horizon Innovations team has the ability to earn promotions that serve as milestones in their career. Joey, who joined the team in July, has become a core part of Horizon Innovations training and development team. Not only has he established himself as a go to in the company, Joey has earned several promotions, including his most recent one. We are proud to announce that Joey has earned his promotion to Corporate Senior Trainer. This means that Joey has aided several people in the company to their own promotions to Corporate Trainer and has also developed a high performing sales team. It is the step right before one earns their promotion to Assistant Manager, where they learn back office management and client management.

“Working with the Horizon Innovations team has strengthened my communication skills and has taught me how hard work can truly pay off. We have a saying within the office, ‘what we do is not hard, it’s just hard work.’ This statement could not be any more accurate.”

-Joey Lasala

Before joining the Horizon Innovations team, Joey was working at a local winery in a management position that he had advanced into. He felt that he no further opportunity there and started looking for something new. Horizon Innovations gave Joey a light at the end of the tunnel. The company didn’t just offer him a job, we offered him a career that he could enjoy for the rest of his life. There is always opportunity on the table, it just depends on who is going to put the work in and take advantage of what is presented to them.

Joey plans to use his career to continue to develop his team, to truly help people. He has learned how to analyze his team’s learning styles and skills so he can adjust his training and teaching techniques to fit their needs and best benefit them. He likes that Horizon Innovations has helped him learn how to properly conduct and prepare himself in a professional setting and that the team at Horizon Innovations was able to quickly and deeply connect with him, getting him out his comfort zone.

“The team here at Horizon quickly broke me out of my shell and made me feel like I’ve known them for a lifetime. I can honestly say I haven’t “worked” a day since joining the team. I can confidently say the endless positive energy from everyone in the office has helped me succeed in this business.”

-Joey Lasala

His greatest reflection at the company so far that will stick with him for his entire career is when his first Account Manager that he was responsible for training, Thiago, came to him and said, “The reason I love this business is because every day is game day.” Both Thiago and Joey played collegiate athletics, so this statement really hit. Everything is different on game day, the way you dress, get out of bed, brush your teeth, and your entire outlook on the day. Joey thinks of this moment as a turning point in his career at Horizon Innovations.

We look forward to seeing Joey earn more promotions and success at Horizon Innovations. Keep up to date by following the team on Facebook.

Horizon Innovations | Operation Smile

30 11 2016


In October, Horizon Innovations‘ Assistant Manager Christopher Healy proposed to the team an idea to get involved in the community and support a great cause. The idea, perfect for the time of year, was to have a Holloween party where all proceeds went to support Operation Smile. Not only did it let our team dress up but it made it easy and fun to give back.

Thousands of children across the world are born with cleft palates and cleft lips every year. Typically it goes unnoticed in the United States because its a relatively easy and low cost surgery to fix at birth, however, this is not the case in other countries where it’s hard to cover the cost of the surgery. That’s where Operation Smile comes in. This amazing organization sponsors trips that set up camps where families can have their children examined by a doctor and surgeries to fix the issue are provided. These children not only get their smile, but the surgery can fix the complications from cleft issues such as the inability to eat or to speak.

The team at Horizon Innovations knows the power of a smile. As a small firm that provides marketing and sales to the Jacksonville community, being able to connect with our customers begins with the first impression. The team was excited to participate in the Halloween party and not only did they come for the festivities, they even helped ask patrons at The Shim Sham Room to participate as well, which they obliged. Thanks to the team’s efforts, Horizon Innovations was able to raise over $600, which will cover several surgeries!

chris-horizon-innovations-1“Organizing an event like this makes perfect sense. I did something similar last year and its a fun way to give back. The patrons at The Shim Sham Room even helped. Thank you to the management at The Shim Sham Room and it’s patrons who donated.

-Christopher Healy, Assistant Manager at Horizon Innovations

If you would like to donate to Operation Smile, please check out the team’s Smile page

Horizon Innovations Expands to West Palm

2 07 2016

Horizon Innovations is a company devoted to developing human potential. We strive to help people think big and achieve BIG to improve their lives. We motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment.We focus on developing each member that joins our team by providing clear guidance and targets that they aim to hit. One of our biggest targets that we guide our team to is expanding to new branches by becoming branch managers, which one of our team members, RJ, has accomplished this week!

RJ, a native to Crystal River, FL, grew up in the community actively involved in Baseball. He as an allstate player and after graduating from Crystal River High in 2005, he attended College of Central Florida. There he studied Criminology and focused on his baseball career. He was talented and successful enough to be drafted by the Yankees. A career ending injury, however, ended his time on the field professionally, although he still actively participates in various community sports. After graduating College of Central Florida, RJ started interviewing and found Horizon Innovations, which met his career needs. He worked diligently and quickly to meet and exceed expectations and was able to promote himself with in the company several times. He earned his biggest promotion so far this week when he earned his promotion to Branch Manager. He and his team had a great start this week in the market RJ is managing and we are excited to see what they will do.

Meet Heather, Horizon’s new HR Administrator

29 04 2016

Horizon Innovations is excited to announce that our administrative team has expanded! Heather Curry from our Account Manager team has successfully earned the promotion to HR.

Heather, who has now been with us for a year, started with the team in our entry level position. She came to us while looking for a fun and upbeat work environment. Growth was also an important factor. After starting at Horizon Innovations, Heather quickly moved from entry level to Corporate Trainer and helped develop the team. When a spot opened up in HR, she was an ideal fit.

This month, Heather is focusing on developing the new skills she has acquired while training with newly promoted Office Manager Vanessa and she is focusing on developing the new account managers we are currently seeking. In the next year, Heather will play an instrumental role in our expansion to 3 additional branches and aims to show top performance in her new role.

Fun facts about Heather:

  • She roller skated competitively as a child with her dream being an Olympic figure skater.
  • She is from Michigan and swears ‘caddy corner’ is actually ‘kitty corner’
  • She has never been past the Mississippi river but has been to every nook and corner of the Eastern United States.

Heather hails from Michigan and studied Advertising and Business at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!). She has immense love of adventure and all four legged, fluffy beings. 


Vanessa Valenza | Horizon Innovations’ newly promoted Office Manager

7 04 2016

At Horizon Innovations, our primary goal is to develop our people to the best they can be. In alignment with that goal, Horizon Innovations is excited to announce that Vanessa Valenza, formerly a recruiting director, has been promoted to Operations Manager.

Horizon Innovations Vanessa.pngVanessa started with the company October of 2014. After working with us for about 6 months, she moved to the HR position. She has been responsible for assisting RJ, Horizon Innovations’ assistant manager, in opening his branch office in the next coming months. Her goal is to assist 3 additional branches this year.

Vanessa is great because she goes above and beyond her call of duty. She often stays later than her require hours and make sure the team is set up for success. She cares about growing the office and providing everyone with an opportunity”

-Nora Su, President

With Vanessa’s new promotion, she will have the ability to learn a few new roles. Horizon Innovations and team will be leaning on Vanessa to handle the daily operations each day. Not only does Vanessa get to step up locally in our day to day, but she has gained the responsibility to train our new Human Resources admins in the new branch offices that we plan to open up. Vanessa, in her new role, is now open to additional opportunities in the future like brand management and National Human Resources manager. The team at Horizon Innovations could not be more proud of her.

Vanessa was born and raised in Madison, WI. After graduating from LaFollette High School, she moved to Milwaukee and earned her degree in cosmetology. To help pay for school, Vanessa started working as an associate with a retail company and through her strong work ethic was quickly promoted into management. In August of 2014, Vanessa moved to Jacksonville, FL where she found her new career here at Horizon Innovations. Vanessa thrives within our enthusiastic environment and continues to grow and develop herself every day. In her free time, she can be found enjoying the Florida weather at the beach.

New Year, New Goals

5 01 2016

Setting goals is not only important for athletes and top trainers, but also for successful business professionals. Setting goals allows you to not only focus yourself on what you want to accomplish, but it also helps give you the motivation to actually accomplish the goal. By verbalizing or writing your goals, you’re more likely to succeed in accomplishing them and take pride in yourself for doing so.

With the New Year comes the time to reflect on the past year. 2015 was an amazing year. We went to conferences in Nashville, West Palm Beach, Toronto, and many more. We took an all-expense paid trip to Cancun. We grew as an office together through our office nights every Thursday. We took a trip to Washington DC for a charity event for Operation Smile. We went to the Soccer Armada game and went to a 1 mile water slide event. It was definitely a good year, but we will, without a doubt, blow 2016 out of the water.

Last year our revenue for our clients, was 3 quarters of a million dollars, and our goal this year is to earn $1.5 million.

Other goals for 2016:

-Represent our client and their brand with the utmost integrity and respect

-We want to expand to four additional markets in southeast Florida

-We want to be more active in the community by doing community service projects throughout Jacksonville

-We want to attend more conferences to grow professionally

-We want to take more trips to network and expand our abilities

Here at Horizon Innovations, we hope you enjoyed your 2015 year, but strive to make 2016 your best year yet filled with goals and accomplishments!


Rewards of Success: Super Bowl Weekend 2015

6 02 2015


Over the summer of 2014 Horizon Innovations participated in a client-run competition between 100+ partners to win a trip to the 2015 Super Bowl. The results of the competition were gauged by the amount of revenue the office brought for the client and their overall quality of work.

Once the contest concluded, the results were counted and Horizon Innovations came out on top. The competition was very close and we could not have succeeded without the help from everyone on our team achieving the top results. This competition is proof of how much hard work can really pay off.

“Ever since I started at Entry Level, I dreamed about competing in these competitions,” said Nora, President of Horizon Innovations. “Attending the Super Bowl has been a life-long dream of mine that I am finally able to cross off my Bucket List.”

Last weekend, our leaders touched down in Arizona to finally reap the rewards of this amazing opportunity. Our client rented a six bedroom house in Scottsdale, Arizona that included all of the amenities: a pool, hot tub, putting green, pool table and much more. From Thursday to Sunday our leaders lived in this house as if it was their own. In fact, for the first day spent in Scottsdale was mostly relaxing and becoming familiar with their surroundings while socializing and having fun.

The next night, Friday, we attended the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. It was such a memorable opportunity to witness some of the greats of golf playing in person. We saw Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington, and Bubba Watson just to name a few. The entire day was a joyous occasion for all of us and surely not one we will easily forget.

The following Saturday was equally as life changing as we had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Maxim Super Bowl Party of 2015. Our leaders found themselves surrounded by celebrities like Nick Cannon, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and sports stars such as Kirk Herbstreit. Our managers even got to snap a picture with Adam from Man vs. Food. The entire night was full of merriment and famous faces.


When the day finally arrived for the Super Bowl, everyone was in high spirits. Our leaders attended one last party before the event: the VIP Pregame Party. While in attendance, our President Nora was able to meet one of her idols, Shaun Alexander, who played for the Seattle Seahawks. It is not everyday that it is possible to run into someone so influential in your life, and Nora will not soon forget that moment.

“It was the trip of a lifetime to get to watch my NFL team in person,” said Nora. “I continue to look for new opportunities where I can bring my entire team along for the fun. This competition is a true testament that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to through hard work and dedication.”

Horizon Innovations: Expansion to Miami

23 12 2014


Horizon Innovations has thrived off of the same proven-to-work corporate structure for years. We accept every new candidate at the same entry level in order to promote the same knowledge and work ethic within all of our employees. Our former Assistant Manager, Christopher Healy, started with our business two years ago in November 2012 at the entry level. He was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, graduated with a degree in Forensic Science, and had no prior business experience when starting with Horizon Innovations. As of November 2014, he runs his own branch in Miami, Florida.

While the drive to become successful was always within him, the training and knowledge that Healy gained with our company made him well prepared to take on the opportunity of running a business. “The preparation to run my own branch came from my student mentality and keeping it a constant with all my mentors.” Chris said. “The ability to move forward in this business comes not only from within, but also the many resources around you.”

As of this moment, Christopher has two goals that he plans on fulfilling as a new branch manager in the Miami area. (1) Teach those individuals that start with his office of this completely reachable opportunity, and (2) promote out two individuals from his office before the end of 2015, just as our President did for him. Christopher Healy will be well on his way to becoming the Rookie Manager of the Year. Everyone at Horizon is extremely excited for Chris and the strides he has made to better himself both personally and professionally.

“I am very confident in his ability to succeed,” says President, Nora Su. “I’ve watched him grow right in front of my eyes. He’s become more mature, more professional, and overall a better person over the last two years. He has some big goals, but he has the ability to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. I am excited to see him continue to grow the new branch.”

“I am honored to have been given the opportunity to work side by side with Chris,” says our Human Resources Manager, Dustin. “He has grown so much over time into such a great business professional. He is destined for success and has already gotten started on the right track!”

Keep up the great work Chris. The entire Horizon Innovations team is cheering you on!

For more information about the opportunities that can be reached with Horizon Innovations visit us at:

Horizon Innovations

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Horizon Innovations Reviews: West Palm Beach Leaders Conference

9 12 2014


Our office is always filled with excitement when we are preparing for a new conference or travel opportunity. Every one of our leaders works that much harder to make sure they reach their goals to claim a spot. The latest conference that we attended was the Leaders Conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Sixteen of our best leaders got together and travelled south for the conference. The main focus of this meeting was to present new information, take in that knowledge and use it as a force to motivate. Julie Edmonds, a senior national consultant recognized by our office, was in charge of the conference and told multiple anecdotes about personal experiences that everyone could learn from.

Afterwards, we transitioned into four different “break-out” sessions. Each group was broken up based on their length of stay with the company (i.e. 3-6 months, 6+ months, etc.) These sessions covered topics ranging from training and work ethic to time management and team development.

Before the conference was concluded, two of our best leaders, RJ and Eric, were recognized as being the top performing leaders of Horizon Innovations. This honor was one that the accepted excitedly, and our whole office commends them for their hard work. Conferences like these cause our team members to rally around each other and find new ways to motivate and encourage everyone to stay on the path to success.

For more information about the Horizon Innovations team and our travel opportunities, visit us at:

Horizon Innovations

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Company Retreat: The Bahamas

29 10 2014


October has been an exciting month for the leaders of Horizon Innovations. We reached goals and received exciting news, all of which were followed by an amazing week in paradise. Whenever our team is given the chance to travel and experience new environments, we always jump on the opportunity. This time, we visited the beautiful Bahamas! There, we met up with other offices and discussed work while also participating in a multitude of island activities.

To start off this fun filled week, our President attended a Rising Star meeting. This gathering brought together the top performing managers across the country to meet one another and discuss the different techniques that they employ within their offices. These managers reviewed their strategies for growing their business and were also able to spend quality time getting to know each other.

We also participated in a general session meeting on Friday of that week. The conversation covered the importance of meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations while also maintaining our company-wide integrity. It was very insightful to hear from other offices and learn how they operate. We learned a lot and took away some valuable information that we can utilize within our own teams.

A welcoming R&R Weekend followed these informative meetings which allowed us to take a break from work and have fun doing recreational activities during the remainder of our stay. Many people that attended brought along their friends and family as well. It was a very friendly and inviting atmosphere witnessing our coworkers and colleagues having a great time with their loved ones.

While we were experiencing the fun in the sun, we stayed in the luxurious Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in Nassau. The resort was home to a multitude of activities including fishing, jet skiing, gambling at their casino, a water park located inside the resort, and the beautiful beach. Our leaders went deep-sea fishing for the first time where they experienced the magical water and wildlife of the region and also participated in a friendly talent show with the managers of similar companies. Furthermore, we competed in a Volleyball competition on one of our final days there where we raised $2,000 for Operation Smile.

Overall Horizon Innovations had an amazing time during our week in the Bahamas. These travel occasions allow us to balance our ratio of work and fun, which keeps us motivated to keep working hard and hitting our goals both at work and within our lives at home.

For more information on Operation smile and how to donate, visit their website at:


For more information about the Horizon Innovations team and our values, visit us at:

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