Rockstar Romina| Horizon Innovator

24 03 2016

Every week, Horizon Innovations lets it team members vote on an Innovator of the Week. For two weeks this past month our team voted for Romina Muhametaj. With the nomination of Innovator of the Week, Romina was able to run a Friday meeting for the office. She choose to speak about her husband, who is her biggest inspiration and motivation.

Romina’s Husband, Osman, traveled to the U.S. on a student visa. He, like many foreign students, came from a poor family and he came here in hopes of establishing a better life not only for himself but also to give back to his parents. Osman was a top performing student in school and its where he met Romina. After graduating, Osman had to find a job or leave the country. Unable to do so, he ended up going back to Turkey.

Upon returning home, Osman started putting work into returning back to the United States. Like many parents, his discouraged him from going back, insisting that what he had already done was sufficient and he had no need to go back. Osman knew his goals and stuck to them. He was able to return on an intern visa and by doing so he was able to secure an engineering position and a green card. By accomplishing his goals and sticking to his plan, Osman now is able to provide not only for himself but for Romina and his future family. He was also able to buy his family in Turkey their first car and a new home. He is currently helping put his brother and sister through school. Osman inspires Romina to hit her goals and the two compete with each other to outwork each other.

Romina, who is of Albanian origin, started with Horizon Innovations last October after moving to Jacksonville. She has always had a business oriented spirit as her father was a business owner and her mother a CPA. She previously did car sales in Atlanta.

Horizon Innovations Innovator of the week.png




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