Vanessa Valenza | Horizon Innovations’ newly promoted Office Manager

7 04 2016

At Horizon Innovations, our primary goal is to develop our people to the best they can be. In alignment with that goal, Horizon Innovations is excited to announce that Vanessa Valenza, formerly a recruiting director, has been promoted to Operations Manager.

Horizon Innovations Vanessa.pngVanessa started with the company October of 2014. After working with us for about 6 months, she moved to the HR position. She has been responsible for assisting RJ, Horizon Innovations’ assistant manager, in opening his branch office in the next coming months. Her goal is to assist 3 additional branches this year.

Vanessa is great because she goes above and beyond her call of duty. She often stays later than her require hours and make sure the team is set up for success. She cares about growing the office and providing everyone with an opportunity”

-Nora Su, President

With Vanessa’s new promotion, she will have the ability to learn a few new roles. Horizon Innovations and team will be leaning on Vanessa to handle the daily operations each day. Not only does Vanessa get to step up locally in our day to day, but she has gained the responsibility to train our new Human Resources admins in the new branch offices that we plan to open up. Vanessa, in her new role, is now open to additional opportunities in the future like brand management and National Human Resources manager. The team at Horizon Innovations could not be more proud of her.

Vanessa was born and raised in Madison, WI. After graduating from LaFollette High School, she moved to Milwaukee and earned her degree in cosmetology. To help pay for school, Vanessa started working as an associate with a retail company and through her strong work ethic was quickly promoted into management. In August of 2014, Vanessa moved to Jacksonville, FL where she found her new career here at Horizon Innovations. Vanessa thrives within our enthusiastic environment and continues to grow and develop herself every day. In her free time, she can be found enjoying the Florida weather at the beach.




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