Horizon Innovations Expands to West Palm

2 07 2016

Horizon Innovations is a company devoted to developing human potential. We strive to help people think big and achieve BIG to improve their lives. We motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment.We focus on developing each member that joins our team by providing clear guidance and targets that they aim to hit. One of our biggest targets that we guide our team to is expanding to new branches by becoming branch managers, which one of our team members, RJ, has accomplished this week!

RJ, a native to Crystal River, FL, grew up in the community actively involved in Baseball. He as an allstate player and after graduating from Crystal River High in 2005, he attended College of Central Florida. There he studied Criminology and focused on his baseball career. He was talented and successful enough to be drafted by the Yankees. A career ending injury, however, ended his time on the field professionally, although he still actively participates in various community sports. After graduating College of Central Florida, RJ started interviewing and found Horizon Innovations, which met his career needs. He worked diligently and quickly to meet and exceed expectations and was able to promote himself with in the company several times. He earned his biggest promotion so far this week when he earned his promotion to Branch Manager. He and his team had a great start this week in the market RJ is managing and we are excited to see what they will do.




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