Horizon Innovations- Congrats Joey Lasala

30 12 2016

joe-lasala-horizon-innovationsAt Horizon Innovations, we are an innovative marketing firm that embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and empowering its people in their career development. As part of that process, the Horizon Innovations team has the ability to earn promotions that serve as milestones in their career. Joey, who joined the team in July, has become a core part of Horizon Innovations training and development team. Not only has he established himself as a go to in the company, Joey has earned several promotions, including his most recent one. We are proud to announce that Joey has earned his promotion to Corporate Senior Trainer. This means that Joey has aided several people in the company to their own promotions to Corporate Trainer and has also developed a high performing sales team. It is the step right before one earns their promotion to Assistant Manager, where they learn back office management and client management.

“Working with the Horizon Innovations team has strengthened my communication skills and has taught me how hard work can truly pay off. We have a saying within the office, ‘what we do is not hard, it’s just hard work.’ This statement could not be any more accurate.”

-Joey Lasala

Before joining the Horizon Innovations team, Joey was working at a local winery in a management position that he had advanced into. He felt that he no further opportunity there and started looking for something new. Horizon Innovations gave Joey a light at the end of the tunnel. The company didn’t just offer him a job, we offered him a career that he could enjoy for the rest of his life. There is always opportunity on the table, it just depends on who is going to put the work in and take advantage of what is presented to them.

Joey plans to use his career to continue to develop his team, to truly help people. He has learned how to analyze his team’s learning styles and skills so he can adjust his training and teaching techniques to fit their needs and best benefit them. He likes that Horizon Innovations has helped him learn how to properly conduct and prepare himself in a professional setting and that the team at Horizon Innovations was able to quickly and deeply connect with him, getting him out his comfort zone.

“The team here at Horizon quickly broke me out of my shell and made me feel like I’ve known them for a lifetime. I can honestly say I haven’t “worked” a day since joining the team. I can confidently say the endless positive energy from everyone in the office has helped me succeed in this business.”

-Joey Lasala

His greatest reflection at the company so far that will stick with him for his entire career is when his first Account Manager that he was responsible for training, Thiago, came to him and said, “The reason I love this business is because every day is game day.” Both Thiago and Joey played collegiate athletics, so this statement really hit. Everything is different on game day, the way you dress, get out of bed, brush your teeth, and your entire outlook on the day. Joey thinks of this moment as a turning point in his career at Horizon Innovations.

We look forward to seeing Joey earn more promotions and success at Horizon Innovations. Keep up to date by following the team on Facebook.


Rewards of Success: Super Bowl Weekend 2015

6 02 2015


Over the summer of 2014 Horizon Innovations participated in a client-run competition between 100+ partners to win a trip to the 2015 Super Bowl. The results of the competition were gauged by the amount of revenue the office brought for the client and their overall quality of work.

Once the contest concluded, the results were counted and Horizon Innovations came out on top. The competition was very close and we could not have succeeded without the help from everyone on our team achieving the top results. This competition is proof of how much hard work can really pay off.

“Ever since I started at Entry Level, I dreamed about competing in these competitions,” said Nora, President of Horizon Innovations. “Attending the Super Bowl has been a life-long dream of mine that I am finally able to cross off my Bucket List.”

Last weekend, our leaders touched down in Arizona to finally reap the rewards of this amazing opportunity. Our client rented a six bedroom house in Scottsdale, Arizona that included all of the amenities: a pool, hot tub, putting green, pool table and much more. From Thursday to Sunday our leaders lived in this house as if it was their own. In fact, for the first day spent in Scottsdale was mostly relaxing and becoming familiar with their surroundings while socializing and having fun.

The next night, Friday, we attended the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. It was such a memorable opportunity to witness some of the greats of golf playing in person. We saw Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington, and Bubba Watson just to name a few. The entire day was a joyous occasion for all of us and surely not one we will easily forget.

The following Saturday was equally as life changing as we had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the Maxim Super Bowl Party of 2015. Our leaders found themselves surrounded by celebrities like Nick Cannon, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and sports stars such as Kirk Herbstreit. Our managers even got to snap a picture with Adam from Man vs. Food. The entire night was full of merriment and famous faces.


When the day finally arrived for the Super Bowl, everyone was in high spirits. Our leaders attended one last party before the event: the VIP Pregame Party. While in attendance, our President Nora was able to meet one of her idols, Shaun Alexander, who played for the Seattle Seahawks. It is not everyday that it is possible to run into someone so influential in your life, and Nora will not soon forget that moment.

“It was the trip of a lifetime to get to watch my NFL team in person,” said Nora. “I continue to look for new opportunities where I can bring my entire team along for the fun. This competition is a true testament that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to through hard work and dedication.”