Horizon Innovations | Operation Smile

30 11 2016


In October, Horizon Innovations‘ Assistant Manager Christopher Healy proposed to the team an idea to get involved in the community and support a great cause. The idea, perfect for the time of year, was to have a Holloween party where all proceeds went to support Operation Smile. Not only did it let our team dress up but it made it easy and fun to give back.

Thousands of children across the world are born with cleft palates and cleft lips every year. Typically it goes unnoticed in the United States because its a relatively easy and low cost surgery to fix at birth, however, this is not the case in other countries where it’s hard to cover the cost of the surgery. That’s where Operation Smile comes in. This amazing organization sponsors trips that set up camps where families can have their children examined by a doctor and surgeries to fix the issue are provided. These children not only get their smile, but the surgery can fix the complications from cleft issues such as the inability to eat or to speak.

The team at Horizon Innovations knows the power of a smile. As a small firm that provides marketing and sales to the Jacksonville community, being able to connect with our customers begins with the first impression. The team was excited to participate in the Halloween party and not only did they come for the festivities, they even helped ask patrons at The Shim Sham Room to participate as well, which they obliged. Thanks to the team’s efforts, Horizon Innovations was able to raise over $600, which will cover several surgeries!

chris-horizon-innovations-1“Organizing an event like this makes perfect sense. I did something similar last year and its a fun way to give back. The patrons at The Shim Sham Room even helped. Thank you to the management at The Shim Sham Room and it’s patrons who donated.

-Christopher Healy, Assistant Manager at Horizon Innovations

If you would like to donate to Operation Smile, please check out the team’s Smile page